Is It Worth It to Buy Expensive Branded T-shirts?


T-shirtHave you ever experienced getting a new shirt only to find that it immediately looked worn out after just one wash? Whether this has happened to you or not, having excellent quality t-shirts is definitely something that most — if not all — people want. You want shirts that can last for years, but usually, this means that it would cost a higher price.

Some people could get custom t shirts cheap and actually get a product with great quality, but most of the time, this is not the case. Companies in the clothing industry are now starting to produce clothes that have declined in quality mainly because they have shifted their focus to mass production instead of creating a few lasting pieces. This is probably also because of consumer behavior. People tend to shop more often than before and constantly want new stuff, which fuels the creation of low-quality clothing.

Most of the time, if a t-shirt is more expensive, it means that the materials used are of better quality compared to cheaper shirts. The brand is also one factor that contributes to a shirt’s price. Often times, the more popular and trusted a brand is, the more expensive it is.

Buying expensive branded t-shirts can be worth it, but there are also other things that you can do to help you get long-lasting shirts at a more affordable price. One option is to have your shirts specially made for you so that you can pick which materials and style you want.

If you do not want to get custom t shirts cheap, here are a few things you must look for when shopping to help you figure out whether a shirt is of good quality or not.

Fabric Content

One of the things that you must check when buying a new t-shirt is what the fabric is made of. To help you determine this, check its tag. Some people prefer cotton, silk, or linen while others like wearing shirts made from spandex, polyester, and other manmade fibers. You must know which type of fabric you want for your shirt, and look for that in the tag.

Do take note that technological improvements have helped manufacturers improve the texture and other qualities of fabrics. However, these technologies also allowed them to blend different materials together which could affect the shirt’s lifespan. For example, a shirt made from a blend of cotton and polyester could lose its shape when placed in the dryer.

Judge Based on Texture

T shirtsKnowing what type of fabric is used on a particular shirt isn’t enough. The label can be deceiving, which is why it is also important for you to know how good-quality fabrics feel.

Check whether the shirt’s fabric is thin and brittle or if it’s soft and substantial. A very important thing to look for in a shirt is substance — the more fiber it has, the more durable and long-lasting it will be.

In case you are having trouble determining which textures really do last long, try checking your own wardrobe and find pieces that have held up for quite a long time. Examine their properties and look for them the next time you shop for a shirt.

Check the Seams Inside Out

Aside from checking the shirt’s fabric, you must also examine its seams. They hold the shirt together, so be sure that they are closely spaced, even, and flat. Be sure to check both the insides and outsides.

Some shirts can appear cleanly stitched outside, but once you look at the hem of the shirt, for example, you might find loose stitches and sloppy seams. Avoid getting shirts that have these problems, because they might not withstand too much movement and washing.

Keep an Eye on Cut Corners

It can be difficult to trace whether the shirt that you wanted was made in a rush, especially when the areas where the manufacturer cut corners isn’t that obvious. To determine whether a t-shirt was made hastily, check how different the finish is on the outside from the inside.

Shirts that are made with care will look clean both on the inside and the outside. Some would even go the extra mile and put a binding on the seams so that the fabric edges inside the shirt are kept well.

Whether you are buying shirts in the mall or getting custom t shirts cheap, these indicators will help you determine if the item that you are planning to purchase is worth its price. Cheap shirts do not always have to be of low quality. In the same way, expensive ones are not necessarily of good quality.

Even well-known brands can produce poorly-made shirts sometimes, especially when you get them from outlet and surplus stores. This is why it is important that you know what you should look out for in your t-shirts.


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